DDS Bio Therapy Hand-Held Massage Probe

DDS Heating Probe for DDS acid-base Bio-Electric Massage Therapy machine with Secondary-Handheld Massage Check Adjustable Heating Element.

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Clears the barriers of midday; Promotes blood circulation and increases metabolism
Activates the nerve and muscle tissues; Provides muscle compatibility and enhances flexibility
Regulates the digestive system and cleanses our body and maintains good health
Enhances anti-inflammatory and sterilization effect
Relieves all kinds of stress and pain caused by the bad nervous system
To increase the flow of energy stimulates muscles of the muscles, cell, tissue, fascia, and joints
Regulates the pH of the body, activates the immune system, which helps in preventing, treating and treating disease and illness.
Provides acid-base equilibrium to the body and reduces mood swings, improves digestion and sleep
Keeps you beautiful with anti-aging facials, toning your skin, reducing wrinkles and lines and improving your color.


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