DDS bioelectric therapy machine

DDS stands for Direct Detoxification System. Doctors are using DDS Bio-electric therapy for patient physiotherapy.  This technology can remove residual toxins from the bloodstream, activate cells, regulate body acidity, and instantly open the meridians.

DDS Bio-electro-dialysis physiotherapy technology combines the advantages of traditional Chinese alternative acupuncture therapy, cupping, and massage. It surpasses (to do better) traditional techniques in the speed and depth of its efficacy.  A single DDS meridian physiotherapy session is equivalent in its benefits to TEN Swedish body massages or two hours of yoga!

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DDS – Digital Device System technology is the name of the machine used to implement traditional Chinese medicine and energy meridians within the body.
It is the perfect combination of Chinese traditional medical theory and modern high-energy bioelectricity principles.

DDS is a safe and drug-free alternative treatment option for people in pain by prompting the body to produce endorphins (released in the brain to reduce pain, give relax in the body) to help to relieve pain.


Safe and reliable.

Incorporates massage therapy rather than acupuncture.

Generates a bio-electric field in conjunction with the Massage,
the subject’s own bio-electricity is enhanced when used with the specially formulated cream.


DDS technology aids in regulating the body’s acid-base balance.

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