DDS Essential Massage Cream

Dds instrument electro massage cream infiltration essential oil beauty health meridian cell repair tool connector.

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Massage Therapist, Physical Detox Specialist, Made Spa, Recovery Center, Home and Family Care, Anesthetics and Beauty Salon, Nutrition Health Coach, Pain Management Clinic, Acupuncture, Chiropractors and Athletic Trainer Sports Medicine.
Quality certification: Quality testing is done by all DDS Bioelectric Therapy Equipment and Accessories DDS Bio Therapy Center.
BOX INCLUDES DDS Soon Xian Ping Acid-Base Massage Cream Tube. DDS Bio Therapy Massage Oils, Modes and Therapy Devices need to be purchased separately and are available from the DDS Bio Therapy Center.
Applications: DDS Bioelectric Massage Therapy is easy to learn with no special license requirements, and there is no side effects or pain with DDS treatment.
Note: Not recommended for those who have pacemakers, stents, thrombosis (blood clot in hands or feet), bacterial infection and those who are pregnant.

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