Wellblue Alkaline Maker Bottle

The benefit of Alkaline Water:

1. It can regulate the pH of the human body, keeping our bodies in a more alkaline state will boost immunity. Drinking alkaline water frequently can relieve hyperacidity, relieve stomach pain.

2. Rich-in natural minerals(Ka, Ca, Na, Mg), provide necessary minerals to the human body.

3. The purified water has low ORP, strong antioxidant ability, women drinking alkaline water can effectively delay aging, effectively prevent the skin from sagging, and make the skin more elastic.

4. The filtered water has much hydrogen, drinking rich hydrogen water regularly can remove toxins and waste from the human body and enhance personal immunity.

5. Alkaline water Promotes Better Hydration, it has smaller molecular content making it easier for the body to absorb. The body can be hydrated more effectively by drinking alkaline water instead of everyday tap water.

6. Drinking regularly can also Loosen bowel to relieve constipation

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Quick Details

Use: Household Pre-Filtration

Certification: CE, RoHS, Other

Brand Name: Wellblue
Filter material: Alkaline ceramic balls, Carbon block

Hydrogen-rich value: 400ppb

pH value: 8-10

Capacity: 550ml

Color: Green, Golden, Silver

ORP: -250mv


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